Young Generation

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Youth Empowered

With Youth Empowered, the broadest, open and free programme in the private sector aimed at enhancing employability in Greece, we aspire to provide over 20,000 young people with opportunities and support so that they can stay and work in our country.


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Rise Management Trainee

For thirty years, our Rise Management Trainee Programme has been offering talented young people with a potential the opportunity to pursue a career and hold senior posts in our company in the future. 


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Tipping Point

In collaboration with the NGO "The Tipping Point", we support teachers and students in schools throughout Greece, helping them to smoothly include digital tools in their teaching in order to enhance the participation of students in the educational process and improve the distance learning approach.

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"The School You Want" 

For seven years, "The School You Want" programme has facilitated the renovation of sixteen school buildings through a total investment of approximately EUR 1.6 million, helping improve everyday school life for over 5,000 students and teachers. 

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For students

We stand by the new generation, supporting it and the transition from university to the job market, both through our active participation in career days, and through our initiatives for students.