Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021 demonstrates the company’s progress and its best practices in essential issues such as climate & energy, circular economy, water, corporate governance, human rights, inclusion and diversity, responsible supplies, nutrition, the quality of products, as well as our contribution to the responsible functioning of the market and society development.

Those issues reflect our company's commitment to sustainable growth aiming at a better future for everyone. 

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The Sustainability Report 2021 presented in the following pages describes how our company contributes to the sustainability issues by implementing policies, processes, and programs. This Report also illustrates our progress on those issues, using qualitative and quantitative performance indicators for 2021.

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Climate and Carbon Emission Reduction

As the company has committed itself to reach a net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, and has reduced its absolute carbon emissions by 54.2% in 2021 (as compared to 2017). Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon’s factories are supplied with electric energy originating from 100% renewable energy sources, while more than 62% of the total energy originates from renewable and clean energy sources. The total percentage of our energy efficient coolers in the market reaches 49%, and has contributed to a reduction of energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions of more than 45 thousand tones. 



Applying circular economy principles is essential to address the climate crisis. With the 100% of our packages being recyclable, Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon was the first company in Greece to introduce recycled plastic to its soft drinks production in 2018. Through this action, it saved 840 tones of plastic and more than 1,000 tones of CO2 for years 2020-2021. Additionally, the company is constantly reducing the use of plastic in packaging by firmly investing in its plants in technologies that contribute to the reduction of its environmental footprint. 

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Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon's water and soft drinks production facilities are the only facilities in Greece in 2021 that were awarded with Platinum distinction for responsible water management, by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). In 2021, the company's strategy on rational water management resulted to a reduction of the water index by 7.6% (as compared to 2017). Additionally, almost 70 million litres of water were reused and recycled in our production plants, and more than 4.4 millions litres of water were saved due to biological treatment.

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