A World Without Waste

Our initiatives for World Without Waste

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  • First in Greece in the FMCG sector to use recycled PET (rPet) in our packaging.
  • We promote the overall reduction of plastic in our packaging.
  • We have reduced PET by 23% on average and save 300 tons of plastic each year, with Light Weight soft drink bottles

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  •  We supply 60% recycled aluminum packaging.
  • The new aluminum packaging of our soft drinks is 7.5% lighter



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  • Our glass bottles are 95% returnable. 
  • We have reduced by 23% on average PET and by 12.5% ​​the glass in the packages of Natural Mineral Water AVRA


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  • We are constantly reducing waste from our operation. Every year, we set higher and higher targets for waste recycling rates in our production units, so that they do not end up in landfills (Zero Landfill Plants).