Amita FUN! is the first children’s 100 percent natural juice with Vitamins B, C, E and A. Launched in Greece in 1998 and loved by parents and children ever since.


Amita FUN! juices provide the most delicious and enjoyable way for children to learn about fruit flavours and include them in their daily diet. 

The heroes of Amita FUN!, featured in its packaging, are called “Amitakia” and consist of Captain Apple, Fraoumita and Mastrokarotos. The Amitakia live in a village called FUNochori and are constantly getting into new adventures through the games on the Amita FUN! website,, and TV commercials. 


Three cartons from the Amita Fun range

The juicy Amita FUN! team has grown, becoming bigger and even more heroic. Batman, Wonderwoman and Superman have joined forces with the Amita FUN! heroes, introduced through new packaging and a TV commercial, as well as in great games and fun news at the Amita FUN! website

Amita FUN! juices are ideal as school snacks for kids, at sports and at play. They are easy to carry and use come in tasty fruit combinations loved by kids and contain valuable vitamins and nutrients.

The juices come in three fruit flavours - apple, strawberry and carrot - and in 250ml Tetrapak packaging.

Amita FUN! doesn’t include any preservatives or colouring and its 250ml size covers 50 percent of the recommended daily supply of Vitamin B6, B12, C, E and A.