Since 1895, Lavazza captures the essence of the Italian DNA, through taste, quality in everyday life and effortless elegance. And thanks to 122 years of experience and knowledge, Lavazza offers the best coffee blends.

Real coffee is something magical! A world full of fragrances, personal moments and beautiful places, craftsmanship and knowledge, a culture made from the ritual of coffee preparation. That's why Lavazza believes and proves that coffee can make the world a trully wonderful place.

From the small grocery store opened by Luigi Lavazza 120 years ago to the large company that it is mow, Lavazza is synonymous of excellent Italian espresso in over 90 countries.

The true love of Lavazza for coffee, brings to the world a touch of something special every day. This is the true Italian lifestyle!

Lavazza coffee is made for those who love it because through their passion to enjoy life they enjoy coffee.

Experience a coffee of exceptional quality and taste.

Lavazza ... There is more to taste!