We drive innovation by building on our strong family of brands and introducing new flavours and packages.

We focus on innovating through the products we offer and their ingredients, including expanding our range of reduced and zero-calorie soft drinks and reducing the calorie content of many products in our portfolio.

Adults are a growing segment of our consumer base. We’ve launched several product innovations to make sure we meet their expectations and their increased interest in reducing their sugar and calorie intake.

We have progressively reformulated Fanta and Sprite so they now contain up to 30 percent fewer calories than in 2010. This has been a gradual process to enable people to adjust to the reduced sugar content.

We are also innovating in our use of the natural sweetener stevia, a plant-based extract that has zero calories by introducing Coca‑Cola and Sprite with stevia.

Twist packaging for AVRA water bottle

Excellence in packaging

In 2014 we launched a lighter and more environmentally friendly bottle for AVRA Natural Mineral Water (500ml and 1.5l) with 24 percent less plastic (PET). The packaging helps to reduce emissions by 23.8 percent, while the special design, which allows the bottle to be crushed with a single hand movement, reduces the total volume of waste and facilitates recycling.

The bottle was awarded the 2015 Global Bottled Water Award as the Best Sustainability Initiative and the Bronze Award for Sustainable Development / Natural Resources Management at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2015.

Person opening an Amita Pronino juice bottle

Addressing consumer needs

Amita has excelled in R&D implementation and has introduced to the Greek market an ideal choice for breakfast on the go. Amita Proino (meaning 'Breakfast') is an energising and fulfilling chilled packaged juice, including 97 percent natural juice from six different fruits, as well as honey, wholegrain wheat fibres and a great kick of vitamins B, C, E and A.


Packshot of two Tsakiris Trypato crisp packets

Leading innovation in potato snacks

In 2015 we introduced Tsakiris Trypato, a brand new potato snack category to meet consumer demand while maintaining our existing high standards. The new and innovative Trypato chip comes from a very thick chip fillet, has a one-of-a-kind perforated shape, and is extra crunchy and very rich in flavour.

The originality lies in the public’s engagement in the creation process. Young Greek consumers were asked about their taste preferences and habits and ultimately helped to create products that delivered the new experiences they were seeking from a tasty potato snack.