Our diverse portfolio includes Tsakiris potato snacks, the first Greek crisps brand with a wide range of all-time favourites and innovative flavours and combinations.

Tsakiris has a long history of producing high-quality potato snacks in Greece since 1954 and is the second largest company in the Greek market. In 2004 the company became a subsidiary of Coca‑Cola HBC and, since then, Tsakiris has widely expanded in the snack market, with new, innovative ranges.

  • 1st Greek company in potato snacks
  • 2nd largest company in the Greek market

Tsakiris addresses the nutritional needs of Greek consumers of all ages. The brand consistently invests in innovative and quality snacks that have a strong Greek identity through its selection of raw materials, adhering to international production standards.

Tsakiris products include the original Tsakiris Classic Flavours, Tsakiris Sticks, the first potato crisps in the shape of sticks in the Greek market, the Greek Flavours range which is based on ingredients from popular Greek destinations, the crunchy Tsakiris Waves, as well as the Tsakiris TRYPATO range, the innovative thick-sliced potato chip, in a unique lattice cut shape and with extra crunchiness that comes in five flavours.