We offer a range of water products for different occasions, providing our consumers with the daily refreshment and hydration they need, to lead a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

We have developed AVRA Natural Mineral Water range, which holds a special place in Greek people’s hearts, for the past 29 years. Distinguished for its excellent quality and taste, this 100% natural mineral water comes from the Achaean Mountains and is bottled at our facilities in Aeghio, according to the highest quality standards and without any further processing.

In 2005 we introduced AVRA BLOOM, the first natural mineral water especially designed for children. AVRA Active Cap was launched a year later, introducing an ergonomic bottle that fits perfectly in the hand and has a practical cap ideal for easy transportation and an active lifestyle. 

In 2014 we launched the innovative Eco-Flex 500ml and 1,5l PET bottles with 24% less plastic (PET), which significantly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and volume of plastic and recycling.

In 2017 we proceeded with another significant investment of 8 million Euros. The investment concerns the addition of a new sophisticated line that promotes the overall reduction in plastics in Coca‑Cola Hellenic packaging. The line allows the use of lightweight PET in all packages of Avra Natural Mineral Water family and in particular, a 27% reduction in Avra Bloom and 18% in Avra Active Cup.