Our sales force are our front line; we consider them the pillar of our success.

Our Sales Academy is the foundation that incorporates all our training and development activities so that we build the right sales capabilities at every step of the sales career path and produce highly energised and competitive sales teams.


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The Sales Academy is a key part of our sales crew's development. It’s a dynamic and interactive programme which provides both our existing teams and all newcomers with the tools and knowledge they need in order to perform at the highest possible level in the market.

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We have developed three different programmes, targeted at:

  • Seasonal sales force
  • Sales newcomers
  • Existing sales teams

Throughout the course of their career in the company, sales team members benefit from a continuous training plan. A panel regularly evaluates a new member’s performance on the following areas: route assignment, validations and projects undertaken. This evaluation process determines the future development and career path for each team member.

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