More than 50 essential interventions were made, so that the school can welcome its 612 students like new! Next is the 87th Primary School of Thessaloniki, which will be completely renovated during this school year.

The 14th High School of Thessaloniki, the winner of the Program’s voting process, was handed over by Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon to its 612 students and professors, completely renovated for the beginning of the new school year.

Mr. Giorgos Dimarelos, deputy Mayor of Education and Culture, had the chance to see the results of the intensive works that were in process in the 14th High School during the summer, by visiting its facilities. His hosts were Mr. Dimitris Pantos, principal of the school and Mr. Yannis Balatsas, president of the school’s Parent and Guardian club, who facilitated the works throughout the process.  

Three months after the Program’s open invitation for participation, the 14th High School is now safer and more functional. More than 50 interventions were made in total, in the interior and exterior spaces of the school, as its needs were many and imperative, all in accordance with the technical team and the people responsible for the school.  



Coca‑Cola Tria Epsion’s efforts to help upgrade the school’s facilities had impressive results, for the students and professors to enjoy - for many years, I hope. Programs like “The school you want” prove that the cooperation of public and private sector can achieve much in variant aspects, to the citizens’ benefit. Mr. Yannis Boutaris, City of Thessaloniki Mayor