According to Top Employers Institute assessment, Coca‑Cola 3E is among the top employers of the country

 Coca –Cola 3E is recognized as the Top employer for 2020 by the Global “Top Employers Institute”, distinguishing itself for creating a modern workplace that embraces diversity, empowers and evolves all employees. This distinction is fully aligned with the company ‘s strategy that puts its people at the center and comes as a reward for the excellent practices and initiatives it implements.

Sofia Kanta, Human Resources Manager of Coca‑Cola 3E, stated:

“We are one of the top employers of the country and a company that is constantly striving to be innovative, up to date and able to provide today the working environment of tomorrow. We are building a culture of trust, acceptance, innovation and open dialogue, we are constantly investing in the development of our people and providing an environment where everyone can be themselves and truly enjoy what they do!”

Coca‑Cola 3E believes in people and sets their growth and development as a top priority. It implements an integrated strategy development and rapid growth of talents, with targeted and long term career plans, involvement in important organization projects, executives mentoring as well as fast development plans for future roles. About 85% of positions are internally covered through promotions, and about 15 executives acquire roles every year in Coca‑Cola HBC Group and other countries. Digital transformation is just as important to Coca‑Cola 3E, as a leading consumer goods company that seeks to innovate, so it is constantly looking for ways to give people new reskilling and growth opportunities. All this combines with a competitive pay and benefits package that exceeds the average market.

Big emphasis is also placed on peoples wellbeing, recognition and ensuring the balance between personal and professional life. Flexible working hours, work from home, early Fridays, extra days of parental leave, volunteering activities, Family Days and engagement days are some of the initiatives taken by Coca‑Cola 3E with the aim to provide its people with activities and time to do what they love.

In addition, company is strategically investing in young people. Generation Y is at the heart, as it covers 40% of its employees and its consumer base. Through innovative programs and initiatives it gives them opportunities to broaden their knowledge and skills, enhance their employability and make a dynamic start in their careers. Among them is Youth Empowered, which has already empowered more than 15,000 young people with personal and professional skills, but also RISE Management Trainee, which is celebrating 30 years of implementation this year, giving young, talented graduates the opportunity to start their professional career progress and evolve into leading company positions.

Finally, Coca‑Cola 3E places great emphasis on ensuring a fair and non-discriminatory environment by building behaviors that embrace diversity and empower its people to be themselves, ensuring that individual beliefs do not influence judgment and decision making. Among the initiatives that constantly take towards this direction, is the recently signed European Commission’s Diversity Charter for the protection of human rights and respect for diversity.