Introduced in 1940, Fanta is the second oldest brand of The Coca‑Cola Company. Consumed more than 130 million times every day around the world, consumers love Fanta for its great, fruity taste. Bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing, Fanta is made with 100 percent natural flavors!

Fanta Orange

Fanta Orange is Greek Teens' favorite orangeade. And how could it not be? It contains 20% orange juice, natural orange aromas, countless bubbles and no coloring. A 330ml can contains the juice of a whole orange and only 109 calories.


Fanta Orange Blue

Fanta Blue is the definition of carbon-free orangeade. It contains 20% orange juice, natural orange aromas, no coloring and remains one of the most favorite flavors for more than 20 years. 330ml can contains 109 calories and the juice of an entire orange.


Fanta Lemon

Fanta Lemon contains 7% lemon juice, natural lemon aromas and countless bubbles. A 330ml Fanta Lemon can provide 168 calories.


Fanta brings 2 new, unique fruity flavors, that meet the preferences of teens! Fanta strawberry & Fanta #WhatTheFanta, contain no calories. Their vivid colors, based on the main ingredient of each flavor, build a Colorful Portfolio for Fanta, which stands out on shelf and surprises teens!