Our value chain story

In 2016, we launched a campaign to highlight the socio-economic impact created by the joint activity of the Coca‑Cola system in Greece and the value chain we create with our people, our customers, our partners and our consumers.

The bottling of the first Coca‑Cola bottle in Greece in 1969 marked the beginning of productive activity spanning uninterruptedly over five decades. Every time a consumer selects our products, our value chain supports revenue for the Greek state and income for Greek households and businesses, supporting thousands of jobs.

From procuring raw materials to operating productive units, collaborating with the market and final points of sale and providing marketing and communication services for the products, our activity generates value for the country, as these companies in our value chain contribute salaries, taxes and profits and employ thousands of people.

The campaign illustrated, through a series of visuals, the findings of the socio-economic impact study of our activity in Greece, conducted by the independent strategy consultancy firm Steward Redqueen and based on data for 2014 (read more about our socio-economic impact).


Infographic from our Value Chain

Key campaign messages

  • €924 million is the total added value from our operation and equals to 0.5 percent of the country’s GDP. This amount includes tax revenues, salaries, as well as profits related to our own activities, partners and suppliers across the value chain linked to our activities.
  • Our total direct and indirect tax contribution amounts to 1 percent of total Greek tax revenue
  • Every €1 of our added value contributes €7 to the Greek economy
  • Salaries, taxes and profits of our trade partners amount to €462 million
  • We support a total of 21,300 direct and indirect jobs, enhancing the income of 54,000 people which equals 0.6 percent of total employment in Greece
  • We employ 1,844 people - almost 1 in 2 employees in Greece's soft drinks sector
  • Every direct job supports another 11 jobs in the Greek economy
  • We support 12,400 direct trade jobs at our partners in wholesale, retail and HO.RE.CA (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering), reinforcing the entire sector
  • We are the largest contributor to employment and turnover in the soft drinks sector in Greece