What are the needs of HoReCa in our country? How has the entertainment landscape changed in the post-Covid era? What products do consumers need that haven't been developed yet? What unexpected synergies can arise? What kind of experiences do consumer seek from venues and brands?

These are some of the questions answered by the research carried out for Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, by MSPS agency and Alternative Research Agency, and the results of which were presented for the first time in the context of the HoReCa 2022 exhibition.

Respective research stands for the first actions planned and implemented by the HoReCa POD, a new small & specialized team of Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, created to contribute to the acceleration of HoReCa Industry

It regards to a compact and flexible group of executives from different departments of the company, who with new tools, innovative methods of work and collaboration, technological innovations, close collaboration with customers, partners and the market to create together the future of the HoReCa

A few words regarding the methodology followed

Research was developed by MSPS & Alternative, two agencies with deep market Knowledge & specialization in research methodology & strategy.

Through Online Customer Experience Platform, both agencies ‘’observed’’ for 2 consequent weeks the going out habits of 120 consumers in Athens & Salonica

For the Research shake there were implemented:

  • 25 hours of interviews with venue owners and managers of hospitality and entertainment stores, as well as with 6 bartenders
  • an online survey of habits and trends among 813 consumers in Athens and Thessaloniki
  • 493 face-to-face interviews with consumers in Café/Bars, Restaurants at the consumption moment
  • a series of workshops, implemented by MSPS & Alternative, targeting the strategic analysis of the Research findings
  • a Design Thinking Workshop for the conversion of conclusions and knowledge into tangible actions