With Amita’s latest campaign, mothers’ wishes to always be there for their beloved children can now be a reality not just a promise.

Amita has stood by mothers’ sides for 33 years now, acknowledging the increasing demanding role of motherhood, and pays tribute to the effort of all mothers who manage their different roles while still “being there” for their family. 

With its campaign and the message “Behind every important moment of your child, there’s always you, even when you are not there”, Amita reminds mums that although sometimes it is not possible to be "there" physically, they are still the ones behind every big dream, every effort, every achievement, every important moment of their child. 

Through the platform www.apoagapi.gr, Amita turns its support into action and asks mothers to share an important “first moment” of their child that they don’t want to miss, so as to make this wish come true.


The first dream that Amita made possible was the wish of a mother from Alexandroupolis, Greece to be present at a very important moment in her daughter’s life, in Indianapolis, USA.

Mother and daughter were apart, as Ioanna has earned a scholarship to study in the USA. Amita brought them together again, fulfilling the mother’s wish. Vasso had the chance to surprise her daughter Ioanna and to be present at her graduation day. 

By helping the mother to be there for her daughter at such an important moment, Amita confirms that everything is possible “out of love”.