We support talented young people and give them a chance to build their careers here in Greece.

We're committed to giving career opportunities to talented young people and investing in their development. This support can be seen in our numbers - over 40 percent of employees at Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon belong to Generation Y.

Our commitment is longstanding - we've been implementing our Graduate Trainee Program for 26 years. Our Program identifies talented young people and gives them both the tools to develop their skills and the opportunity to start a successful career in Greece as part of the Coca‑Cola HBC family.


  • 40% of our employees are from Generation Y
  • 26 years of supporting young people with our Graduate Trainee Program
  • 3 consecutive years voted one of Greece's top employers for Generation Y

Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon is also proud to be one of the most preferred employers in Greece for Generation Y, ranking second only to Google. This finding comes from a survey, 'Career & Gen Y' conducted by the Human Resources Management Laboratory of Athens University of Economics's Marketing and Communications department, in partnership with the Greek job search website, kariera.gr, using a sample of 2,200 people aged between 18-35. It's the third consecutive year that Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon has made one of the top positions in this list.

Sophia Kanta, Coca-Cola HBC Greece and Cyprus Human Resources Director
This distinction is a recognition of our commitment to the continuing growth and development of our employees. Our people are the foundation of our success and a source of inspiration for our future. We are pleased we are able to attract and retain in Greece the young talents of our country, giving them opportunities to utilise their skills and abilities and to be optimistic about their future. Sophia Kanta, Human Resources Director, Greece and Cyprus