We add value to the Greek economy and employment every time a consumer chooses our products.

We have a great story to share about how Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon and The Coca‑Cola Company are having a significant impact on Greece’s economy, employment and local communities.


The story is told in a socio-economic impact study which was led by Professor Ethan Kapstein and Steward Redqueen, an independent strategy consultancy firm. The findings powerfully demonstrate the added value created every time a consumer chooses our products and is based on the “input-output” model, a methodology which has been recognised by the Nobel Prize. 

The impact is felt in all sectors: from production, packaging and local producers and suppliers, to marketing and product distribution in wholesale and retail. 

The total added value is more than €924 million (which equals 0.5% of GDP), therefore, every 1 Euro of direct added value contributes 7 Euros to the Greek economy. Our System supports 21,300 direct and indirect jobs – as 1 direct job supports 11 more – in total, the income of 54,000 people! 

Through our local operations we are creating value together for our people, our producers, our suppliers and partners, as well as our customers. We are also reinforcing the soft drinks sector, generating 54.6% of its turnover. 

Moreover, the substantial and long-term support that our CSR and community programmes and initiatives provide to local communities make a positive difference in people’s lives.