Mission Water

In 2006, Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon and Coca‑Cola Hellas launched the programme Mission Water. In 2016 the programme celebrated ten years of being successfully implemented across Greece, demonstrating sustainable development in practice and commitment to responsible management of natural resources and raw materials.

Our programme aims to:

  • Mitigate the water shortage issue in Greek areas where the problem is more intense, by implementing constructive projects
  • Protect and promote important wetlands and coastal ecosystems around the country
  • Inform and make the general public sensitive to responsible water management and support an open dialogue among important stakeholder groups
Rainwater harvesting programme in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands

In 2008, Mission Water in partnership with Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean, municipalities and other local authorities on the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands, as well as the Mediterranean Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE), launched the highly promising rainwater harvesting programme in the Greek Islands.

By 2015, the initiative had installed and repaired 57 rainwater harvesting systems and three systems which convert rainwater to fresh water by using the technique of reverse osmosis, effectively tackling water scarcity in water-scarce areas, such as the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands, that receive no more than 400mm of average annual rainfall.


  • 260,000,000 litres of water saved annually
  • 210 local technicians trained in rainwater harvesting system construction and maintenance
  • Gift of Rain educational programme, organised in partnership with MIO-ECSDE and attended by 12,750 students and 2,810 school teachers
  • Installation of a greywater treatment system in the municipal stadium of the island of Milos for the irrigation of the surrounding area
  • Creation of a green park on the island of Syros and the installation of an underground rainwater collection tank for plant watering
  • Installation of reverse osmosis systems on the islands of Syros and Rhodes to convert harvested rainwater into potable water
  • 29 islands benefited from the programme
  • 54,630 inhabitants' lives improved
  • 260,000,000 litres of water saved annually
Protecting and restoring the good ecological status of wetlands and costal ecosystems

In 2011 Mission Water in collaboration with WWF Hellas, launched an environmental programme with the aim of establishing a volunteer network of active citizens to monitor the good ecological status of the wetlands, raising awareness among local communities and mobilising local authorities regarding their environmental, social and economic value.

The programme has been carried out in the islands of Crete, Paros and Lesvos, wity six volunteer groups set up engaging more than 250 people.

Focusing on actions and initiatives such as as water quality measurement, clean-up activities, wetland rehabilitation studies, lobbying local authorities and organising seminars and events, these groups are committed not only to protecting wetlands from further degradation, but also to contributing towards their restoration. 


  • Monitored the ecological status of 100 wetlands, identifying degradation instances and often assisting local authorities in undertaking restoration actions
  • Initiated an educational contest entitled ‘Wetlands: a story for my island’, in which approximately 800 students and 300 teachers took part
  • Organizsd working meetings attended by over 400 local and regional authority employees
  • Collaborated with 22 local NGOs, the University of the Aegean and the University of Crete
  • Raised awareness among more than 21,000 people on the importance of wetlands
  • 26 highly symbolic clean-up operations
  • 2,500 people engaged with the programme
  • 6,000 people educated on the importance of wetlands
'Join in and Clean up!' environmental awareness raising campaign

Since 2011, we’ve been implementing the ‘Join in and Clean up’ campaign in cooperation with ΜEDASSET (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles) as part of our programme to protect and restore the good ecological status of coastal ecosystems.

This initiative involves coast clean-up activities, mostly carried out by students, and local community updates on marine litter issues. The initiative aims to raise public awareness on waste reduction, proper disposal, and recycling, encourage community involvement and promote effective collaboration between private and public sector and the local community. 

Over 12,000 volunteers have taken part in coastal clean-up activities and been informed about the importance of recycling and protecting the marine ecosystem.

  • 64k of coastline cleaned up
  • 9.4 tons of recycled materials gathered
  • 9.2 tons of waste collected
Informing the general public

Passing on the message of sustainable water management under the motto ‘Care for Water’, our public awareness campaign reached more than 6,500,000 people in Greece.


  • Launched innovative initiatives, such as a comic strip competition for 22 to 30 year old designers to make young people aware of the proper use of water resources in Greece and to support the creative depiction of the water scarcity problem as conceived through the eyes of young artists
  • Organised a regional conference on Non-Conventional Water Resources in the Mediterranean jointly with the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, and Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean, with the participation of 161 experts from 15 Mediterranean countries
  • Organised a one-day Sustainable Water Management conference on the island of Santorini in cooperation with Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean, the Municipality of Thera and the Mediterranean Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development
  • Organised a one-day Sustainable Water Management conference on the island of Santorini in cooperation with Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean, the Municipality of Thera and the Mediterranean Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development
Mission Water logo
  • Gold Award at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards in the category Corporate Responsibility – Sustainable Development
  • European CSR Award, organised by CSR Europe, the Business in The Community (BICT) network and the European Commission
  • Excellence Award for the Environment in the Large Companies category at the CSR Excellence Awards

The value of the Mission Water programme reaffirms our commitment to sustainable development and covers the entire spectrum of our operations.