Can packaging have a second life? We believe it can and it should!

Gold award for the use of recycled PET (rPET) in our beverages bottles

The use of recycled PET in soft drinks packaging, a Greek innovation that first launched by Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon in 2018 in Schimatari Mega-Plant, was awarded by the Gold Award in the Sustainable Package Design category at the Greek Packaging Innovation Awards 2019.

"We are really glad to receive this award, as it rewards innovation in our country. An innovation that was born in Schimatari Mega-Plant, the first Greek plant where we started using recycled PET (rPET) in our beverage packages, " said Nikos Farantouris, Quality, Safety & Environment Manager for Greece and Cyprus. " Our goal is to gradually increase recycled PET in packaging, adopting the principles of the circular economy and reducing our environmental footprint even further."

This innovation supports the circular economy of PET as it allows recycled packaging to acquire a second life, while it helps to reduce the volume of waste and of carbon footprint. The use of recycled PET (rPET) reflects our global vision of a World Without Waste and is part of our Groups goal to source 35% of the total PET we use from recycled PET and/or PET from renewable material.

We try to reduce our packaging footprint following principle "Reduce, Recover & Re-Use”.

We emphasize to all phases of our raw material life-cycle, including design. We use 100% recyclable packaging, cans with 60% recycled material and promotes an overall reduce in the use of PET and glass packaging. It has already reduced by 23% on average the weight of PET and 12.5% the use of glass in the AVRA natural mineral water. Furthermore, we save 300 tons of PET annually from Light Weight Bottles. The new Can packaging of soft drinks are by 7,5% lighter and the glass bottles are by 95% returnable.

Minimize waste

Every year, we set increasingly higher targets on recycling rates of waste in our production plants so as not to end up in landfills. (Zero Landfill Plants).

Since May 2017, 100% of the energy used in our plants, comes from renewable sources, which is equivalent to Coca‑Cola HBC Group target of 2025, achieved six years earlier. In 2018, emissions dropped by 50% compared to 2017 and each year we minimize waste in our production plants, already exceeded by 20% the Coca‑Cola HBC Group target for 2025.


Be a part of the solution, not a part of the pollution