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Coca-Cola HBC commits to zero carbon emissions by 2040

Coca-Cola HBC Group (CCH) has announced its commitment to reach a net-zero carbon emissions across the whole of its value chain by 2040.

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Our commitment, our progress and the best practices for climate & energy, circular economy, water, corporate governance, human rights, inclusion, diversity, responsible supplies, nutrition, our products, our contribution to the functioning of the market and society development.

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We develop our activities in order to have a positive contribution to the society in which we operate and to the environment that hosts us.

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Tο Empowered είναι μια ολιστική κοινωνική πλατφόρμα που προσφέρει σήμερα πρόσβαση στις δεξιότητες του αύριο για χιλιάδες επαγγελματίες Ho.Re.Ca., νέους και γυναίκες, για να εξελιχθούν και να διεκδικήσουν ένα καλύτερο επαγγελματικό μέλλον ή ευκαιρίες επιχειρηματικότητας.



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Our Socioeconomic Impact