Schimatari Mega-Plant

As the largest Greek soft drink and juice plant, we employ more than 400 people and distribute more than 540 products on the market for every moment and hour of the day. From here, we export to 11 countries, invest in Greece and produce for the world.
Our plant is a production, warehouse and distribution model, which allows us to pursue our aim to increase exports and meet the needs of other countries in the wider Group, when demand there exceeds production capacity, or when new needs arise.

Production Lines


of our soft drinks volume produced


of juice volume produced


of our total export activity comes from here


we export to 11 countires around the world

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Our production lines are categorised per

2 production lines for aluminum cans (330ml, 375ml)

2 PET production lines (350 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml)

7 production lines for juices in Tetrapak aseptic packaging (250ml, 330ml, 1000ml, 1500ml)

1 line for glass bottles (250ml returnable RGB bottle and 250ml non-returnable NRGB bottle

1 production line for Post-Mix containers (9L, 18L)

4 production lines for pre-forms of soft drink bottles

For our products we use 100% recyclable packaging and soon enough we will achieve 100% recycling of waste. We produce 210 different products that are subject to exhaustive quality controls in compliance with our policies. When ready, they are transported to one of the most modern warehouses in Greece before reaching our customers and consumers.


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The new warehouse puts in motion a new, more customer-centric supply chain model, aiming to reduce the movements from production to shelf and then to the hands of the end consumer.

The Schimatari Mega Plant warehouse handles 75% of the company’s domestic sales volume and 100% of exports, serving an average of up to 300 trucks each day. The Mega Plant warehouse handles 56 million cases for sales and internal movement per year, thanks to 112 employees (plus an average of 16 seasonal employees).

It is a sophisticated, «smart» warehouse with a storage capacity of 30,000 pallets. It has high density shelves utilising 85% of space and an automatic robotic system that transports pallets to and from the shelves, also supported by a fleet of 38 forklifts. Schimatari Mega Plant also operates a customs warehouse where the orders of all the alcoholic beverages marketed by the company are received, stored and fulfilled. This warehouse has a capacity of 1,800
pallets. The Schimatari customs warehouse of alcoholic beverages is one of the few customs warehouses in Greece that operate within a plant.

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On a daily basis, we carry out 700 quality controls, i.e. 22,000 checks per month and over 250,000 checks a year, thus ensuring the quality of every single product reaching consumers.

Our quality management policy defines the appropriate conditions for production, bottling, storage, handling and final product controls before it leaves the plant. We implement food quality and safety assurance systems, standards and practices.

Schimatari Mega Plant has four Quality Control Laboratories for incoming goods and final product inspections, sensory evaluation, microbiology monitoring and package tests. One of these laboratories is an accredited, independent microbiological lab. In 2018, it was ranked top among all laboratories in the 28 countries of the CCHBC Group for the accuracy of its results.

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Our success is, in fact the outcome of all the individual successes of the people in our company: it is the combined knowledge, experience, passion with which everyone carries out their jobs and everyone’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Schimatari Mega Plant offers work and development opportunities to more than 400 permanent employees. 320 of them come from or reside in the plant’s wider area, in Chalkida and Thebes.

Our human resources cover a wide range of specialties: production technicians, quality controllers, warehouse employees, forklift operators, electricians, engineers, mechanics, practical engineers, chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, food technologists.

We are constantly taking care of our people’s growth and development. We create for them an inspiring workplace that empowers their natural inclination to learn through continuous education opportunities and encourages them to give their best and to offer consumers high quality products that meet and even exceed their expectations. A prominent example is that many members of the Mega Plant Management Team are talented employees who benefited from similar opportunities for development.

A workplace where safety is a main concern.

In Schimatari we have invested more than €1 million in Health and Safety programmes for our employees. We apply an OHSAS 18001-certified Health and Safety Management System as well as the Occupational Health & Safety Management System of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group and The Coca‑Cola Company.

Additionally, we systematically conduct risk assessment studies to identify risks and have established a Health and Safety Committee which meets quarterly, with management responding to all its recommendations. In Schimatari we implement a Behavioural Based Safety programme, pertaining observation of hazardous behaviours, while at the same time contributing to and promoting a wider safety culture.

Furthermore, we continually strive to enhance and maintain high levels of energy and a positive attitude in an ever-evolving environment. Since 2016 we have been implementing the BE WELL programme, a series of structured actions aimed at the revitalisation, wellness and welfare of our people. In this way, and with the help of our people, we are returning this energy back to the local community through volunteer actions.

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Schimatari Mega Plant is proof of our commitment to sustainable development:

  • We are the first Greek beverages plant holding a golden EWS (European Water Stewardship) certification.
  • We cover our energy needs using natural gas, steam generators and steam boilers.
  • We use energy from 100% renewable energy sources, with declining energy indices over the last 3 years (0.49 MJ per litre of product produced in 2015, 0.48 in 2016, 0.46 in 2017) and a further reduction scheduled for 2018 by separating the compressed air network.
  • We manage to recycle 97.2% of solid waste and operate a modern wastewater treatment unit. At the same time, we have managed to reduce the total waste index by about 12% and also drop the non-recyclable waste index by 48% in 2017 vs 2016.
  • We save 60 tons in plastic a year thanks to PET light weight packaging.
  • We extended the waste treatment facilities based on the innovative MBR (Membrane Biological Reactors) technology: Weight reduction in PET bottles at the end of 2016 saved 284,53 tons of PET in 2017. Our efforts don’t stop with the achievement of these indexes. It has always been a priority for us to reduce our Company’s footprint by deploying stateof-the-art practices. This is not strictly limited to our immediate operations. It is also linked to the rest of the supply chain, our suppliers and distributors, and reaches the wider society through the development and implementation of awareness programs. And all this starts with our people.


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