Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Our products stand out for their quality and have gained a unique position in the market.

To meet consumers’ constantly evolving needs, we continuously increase our product range, while safeguarding the high quality that our customers and consumers expect from us. At the same time, we work closely with our suppliers, always aiming to add value for our customers.

our of supplies come from local suppliers


of our suppliers have signed our Guiding Principles

We believe that governing our operations responsibly has a big impact on the success of our business. We follow corporate governance standards and practices in line with the corporate governance principles defined by Coca‑Cola HBC, as well as the relevant international standards. 

We implement internal audit systems

We implement extensive internal audit systems based on both preventive risk analysis and strict audit procedures. Our administration: 

  • Functions based on a Business Conduct Code
  • Has appointed an Audit and Risk Committee at Board level, consisting of three independent non-executive company directors
  • Is expressly bound to implement and maintain an extensive internal audit system for all its activities
  • Applies specific financial policies and procedures, as well as an information system security policy

We define the duties of our executives in detail

Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon’s Chart of Authority supplements the Group’s Chart of Authority which is designed to: 

  • Specify duties and responsibilities in the decision making process
  • Control and maximise the use of resources and business services
  • Ensure the use of corporate governance standards

We advertise our products responsibly

We comply with the advertising principles set by the Hellenic Advertisers Association (HAA) which ensures that our communication material is legal, proper, fair, honest, reflects reality and respects diversity in terms of age, gender, tribe, religion, mental or intellectual ability.

Moreover, our marketing department checks advertising messages before their release and when there is lack of knowledge regarding restrictions and points to be checked, the respective procedures are conducted by law firms.

We address children with respect

We are very careful with our communications and the potential ways in which they could influence children, and address this in our advertising policy referring to children.

A typical example is our policy regarding communication in schools where we focus on promoting juices and water – a practice which is also promoted through our supply chain.

We respond to our customers’ requests

Our customers can communicate with us through the Customer Services Telephone Centre, to order products or to ask for technical support for cooler equipment or even to submit suggestions.

We monitor our customers’ satisfaction

We regularly monitor our customers’ satisfaction to enhance and support the smooth operation of our sales chain. For this reason, every two years we conduct a survey where the questions address the “total quality of our relationship” with our customers. 

We respond to our consumers’ requests

The Consumer Communication department receives, records, assesses and responds to requests and suggestions, acting as the communication channel that connects us with consumers.

The Department:

  • Operates from Monday to Friday (09:00 – 17:00) with five toll-free lines for all products
  • Conducts a consumer satisfaction survey annually and uses the results to improve our products and services

Within the frame of collaboration with the responsible E.U. Committees, Coca‑Cola HBC and other members of The Coca‑Cola Company agreed to a line of engagement (which influence their commercial activities), known with the term “Undertaking”. Coca‑Cola HBC’s companies in all European countries commit to align their strategies with the requirements of the EU’s Competition Committee.

Coca‑Cola HBC has applied an extensive training programme for competition laws and regulations, developed a Competition Handbook (in order to properly inform employees) and has defined a compliance office in each country it operates.

We have fully complied with the above obligations from 2006; we have incorporated this framework in all new agreements that we sign with our customers, while all salesmen have received and have been trained on Coca-Cola HBC’s Competition Handbook.