Quality & Commitments

Our products stand out for their quality and have gained a unique position in the market.

To meet consumers’ constantly evolving needs, we continuously increase our product range, while safeguarding the high quality that our customers and consumers expect from us. At the same time,  we are commited to advertise our products responsibly and respond to our customers’ requests

We take care of consumer health and safety

In Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, our non negotiable principles are product quality and safety, which constitute the core of our business activities and remain our primary obligation towards our customers and consumers. We systematically investment, in order to offer the right product, in the right packaging, at the right point of sale to our consumers, always putting safety first. 

We implement the international food and safety ISO 22000 across the Group and in Greece. This is part of our integrated management system that includes ISO 9001 and Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Also, all of our bottling plants are subject to annual quality audits by The Coca‑Cola Company and our Group.

We certify and control our production plants and cooperate with scientific bodies

All our plants are ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 & FSSC 22000 certified, which assure Food Quality and Safety.

Every year, controls are carried out repeatedly in the laboratories of our company's four production plants, according to internal company standards, which go beyond the requirements of legislation and ISO 22000 system. Our internal procedures are formed in such a way as to fully support our priority, which is the production of safe and top-quality food and beverage. In this perspective, internal inspections are carried out on an annual basis, with acceptance criteria that are stricter than the requirements of quality standards (i.e. ISO22000) and legislation.

A microbiological “ring test” in cooperation with the University of Budapest is conducted on an annual basis, with the participation of all our factories’ microbiological laboratories. Based on the test results, our laboratories are always highly ranked, which proves the commitment and training of our people.

We develop and implement food quality and safety assurance systems, standards and practices; we also record and share the guiding principles of quality and safety. Additionally, as a bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company, we implement  KORE quality management program, which sets strict specifications for product quality and safety, as well as the appropriateness of the packaging.

Also, the employees in the quality department regularly participate in training programs on food quality and safety management.

We advertise our products responsibly

We comply with the advertising principles set by the Hellenic Advertisers Association (HAA) which ensures that our communication material is legal, proper, fair, honest, reflects reality and respects diversity in terms of age, gender, tribe, religion, mental or intellectual ability. Moreover, our marketing department checks advertising messages before their release and when there is lack of knowledge regarding restrictions and points to be checked, the respective procedures are conducted by law firms.

We address children with respect

Respect to the rights of parents and guardians is the cornerstone of our policy concerning responsible marketing. We respect their role, as they are the ones responsible to make the right choices on behalf of their children, and that is the reason why we do not advertise and do not promote our carbonated products to children under 13 years old, and we expect all our partners to adhere to the same commitments.

We are committed to responsible marketing of our alcoholic beverages

We respond to the particularities when advertising alcoholic beverages by adopting the corresponding principles of responsible advertising, promotion and communication, which relate to issues such as compliance with legislation, guidelines for non-promotion and non-communication to under-aged persons, product placement, research, promotion of responsible consumption, e-marketing, etc.

We respond to our customers’ requests

Our customers can communicate with us through the Customer Services Telephone Centre, to order products or to ask for technical support for cooler equipment or even to submit suggestions.

We monitor our customers’ satisfaction

We regularly monitor our customers’ satisfaction to enhance and support the smooth operation of our sales chain. For this reason, every two years we conduct a survey where the questions address the “total quality of our relationship” with our customers. 

We respond to our consumers’ requests

The Consumer Communication department receives, records, assesses and responds to requests and suggestions, acting as the communication channel that connects us with consumers.

The Department:

  • Operates from Monday to Friday (09:00 – 17:00) with five toll-free lines for all products
  • Conducts a consumer satisfaction survey annually and uses the results to improve our products and services