50 years together, creating tomorrow every day

In 2019, we are celebrating our half-century presence in Greece.


In 2019, we are celebrating half a century of presence in Greece. Every single day in this 50 year, the daily actions and efforts of numerous individuals, together with our employees and our partners, the thousands of people who share daily moments with our products, we have created our own today, which in return has offered us the building blocks of tomorrow.

Our impact on the Greek economy arises from the ways in which we interact with our suppliers and customers, and with consumers and the Greek state. This value returns to the country and create value-added.


In a changing world, we are changing too, driven by responsible growth and investing in innovation. We listen carefully to the evolving needs of consumers, who are looking for more natural choices, products with less sugar but with a great taste, and more functional products that add value to their everyday lives. Furthermore, because we are always focused on the Greek consumer and its taste preferences and needs, we develop products in Greece that are only available here!


We are the biggest employer in our industry and an employer of choice for young people. Our role in employment goes beyond the people who work for us directly. We seek to inspire and empower youth and women to create a better future in Greece, because we believe in their talent and their capabilities.


We are adopting the principles of the circular economy today, to create a better world for tomorrow and we aim to grow our business while reducing our environmental footprint. Every year, we are setting increasingly strict targets for our energy consumption, as we are committed to helping mitigate climate change. Furthermore, we are taking action for the holistic management of water, as it is the main ingredient of our products and is an integral part of our production process. We are reducing the environmental footprint of our packaging at every stage of its life cycle, developing programs that inspire citizens to make the principles of the circular economy part of their everyday lives.