Water use and stewardship

Water stewardship

We regularly study the quantity and quality of local water supplies at all of our bottling plants, as well as environmental, regulatory and other concerns. Based on these assessments, we develop action plans to mitigate risks.

All bottling plants have sewage treatment plants or use municipal water treatment plants. We ensure that the water we return to the natural environment is treated in such a quality that it is suitable for use in agriculture as well as for the support of plant and aquatic organisms. Indicatively for 2018 we have improved by 2.4% the water use index.

All of our platnts has received a GOLD EWS (European Water Stewardship) certification.

Apostoli Nero Program

Since 2006, through the Mission Water program, we help residents of areas with severe water scarcity, such as the Greek islands, to improve their lives, in collaboration with the international organization Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean and the support of The Coca -Cola Foundation. Until todate, 74 projects have been completed.




liters of water are saved annually


greek islands

In collaboration with the International Organization Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, as Coca ‑ Cola in Greece, we carried out two small-scale but high-value projects to promote integrated water resources management, the framework of the "Rainwater Collection" program and in collaboration with the "Water Mission" program



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The projects concern the creation of the first vertical garden, which is plant with rain water at 18 Kleanthous Street and important water saving interventions at the Municipal Swimming Pool of Toumpa.

An innovative vertical garden technology, which hosts more than 800 pots and 4 different species of plants were used to create the first vertical garden in a public building in Greece, in the building of the Directorate of Urban Environment Management of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, turning the facade into a source of green  for the 18,000 inhabitants of the area.