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About the business of Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon

What does the company do?

Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon, a member of the Coca‑Cola HBC group, is the leading Greek company in non-alcoholic beverages with both productive and commercial activity in Greece since 1969.

Through an infrastructure network which includes 25 production lines throughout Greece, we produce and distribute the products of The Coca‑Cola Company (Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, illy issimo and the mixer Schweppes), as well as products developed by us (Amita, Amita Motion, Amita Fun, Amita Proino, Frulite, AVRA Natural Mineral Water). We also distribute the snacks, Tsakaris, the energy drink Monster and premium spirits brands from The Edrington Group, Isidoros Arvanitis, Brown-Forman and Gruppo Campari.

96 percent of the products we produce and distribute come from our facilities across Greece. The remaining 4 percent is either distributed under licensing agreements with owners of brands such as alcoholic beverages, Monster or illy issimo, or involves import of certain limited volume products.

An average 6 percent of our total production volume, which mainly includes refreshments, is exported to countries such as Bulgaria and Cyprus. In 2014, our exports to Bulgaria amounted to €3.2 million, the largest share of which was Coca‑Cola.

What is the relationship between Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon and The Coca‑Cola Company?

The two companies are totally independent, however we collaborate for production/bottling, as well as for the sales/natural distribution of The Coca‑Cola Company products. This cooperation takes place under a framework that is defined by The Coca‑Cola Company as the "System" with the bottlers of its products.

In Greece, this system consists of The Coca‑Cola Company in Greece which is a subsidiary of The Coca‑Cola Company, and our company, Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon. We combine the ideas, resources and experiences of The Coca‑Cola Company worldwide with our experience in bottling and distribution and our sales expertise. The Coca‑Cola Company is responsible for marketing, consumer campaigns and the development and management of the brands Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite and others, that are available in our country. As a bottling partner, we are responsible for satisfying the demand for these products, responsible for every step of the production process, packaging, distribution and sales promotions at points of sale.

In which regions of the country does the company operate? Where are the Company's products produced?

We are present throughout the country through our production units and our dynamic sales teams’ network all across Greece.

96 percent of the products are produced in our facilities in Greece. In terms of production, we operate plants in Shimatari, Aeghion and Heraklion, producing the products of The Coca‑Cola Company as well as products developed by our company. AVRA Natural Mineral Water, which is also a brand developed by our company, is produced exclusively at the Aeghion plant.

Besides covering local needs, 6 percent of our total production volume is exported to neighbouring countries, such as Bulgaria and Cyprus. 

Where is the company registered?

Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon is registered in Greece, where it also operates. Its headquarters, including its registered address for legal, tax and administrative purposes, are located in Athens.

Is the company active abroad?

Our activities are based in Greece, where our products are produced. 6% of the goods we produce are exported abroad (Bulgaria, Cyprus), with domestic consumption accounting for 94 percent of our production.

We are part of the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company group (www.coca-colahellenic.com), one of the largest bottlers of The Coca‑Cola Company worldwide in terms of volume. The Group operates in 28 countries in 3 continents, with annual sales of more than 2 billion unit cases.

Why do the products have a barcode starting with 54?

The Coca‑Cola Company products have a barcode starting with 54 in all European countries. The reason for this is, that according to the European Union’s legislation, the barcode depicts the country where the trademark is commercially registered (Belgium in this case) and it doesn’t represent the country of production.

The exact origin of the product is given by the 9-digit production code, shown below the expiration date. You can learn more about this by calling the Consumer Service Department at 8001155800, free of charge.

How many employees does Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon have in Greece?

We are one of the largest employers in Greece, with 1,500 employees across the country - almost 1 in 2 employees of the country's soft drinks sector.

Apart from these jobs, we also provide jobs to cover non-permanent seasonal needs, which are related to increased activity during the summer months.

As a result of the company’s activities, it is estimated that many jobs have been created for our partners, customers and suppliers.

According to a socio-economic impact study of our activity in Greece, conducted by the independent strategy consultancy firm Steward Redqueen and based on data from 2014, we support a total of 21,300 direct and indirect jobs and enhance the income of 54,000 people, which is equal to 0.6 percent of total employment in Greece.

Does the company collaborate with Greek suppliers and if so, for which categories of goods and raw materials?

We work with more than 5,000 Greek companies-suppliers. These companies account for 90 percent of our total purchasing costs (raw materials, juices, packaging, services to the company and materials or goods for our facilities), 35 percent of which are operating in regional Greece.

As our average annual expenditure on supplies from Greek companies exceeds €150 million, the value created through this collaboration stimulates local employment and creates a significant benefit for the economy and regional development overall.

How can I find out about job opportunities at Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon?

If you are interested in working for Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon go to Search and apply for jobs to create a profile, submit your CV and check out any available posts.

About the products of Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon

What are Coca‑Cola Tria Epsilon's products?

We produce and distribute The Coca‑Cola Company brands (Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, illy issimo and Schweppes mixers), brands developed by us (Amita, Frulite and AVRA Natural Mineral Water), and we also distribute Tsakiris snacks and Monster energy drinks. Moreover, we offer a complete portfolio which includes the distribution of premium spirit brands from The Edrington Group, Isidoros Arvanitis, Brown-Forman and Gruppo Campari. 

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How much sugar is there in a Coca‑Cola?

A glass of Coca‑Cola (250 ml) contains approximately 27g of sugar, which is almost 29 percent of an adult's reference intake (RI), based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Sugar gives 4 calories per gram.

All foods and beverages, including our calorie products, can potentially add extra calories to a diet. Therefore, consumers need to calculate how many calories they consume. You can see how much sugar and calories each of our products contains by reading the ingredient labels on the packaging. If you are making an effort to reduce your calorie intake, try Coca‑Cola light and/or Coca‑Cola Zero which contain neither sugar nor calories.

Can carbonated beverages with calories lead to weight gain?

People consume many different foods and beverages, so neither sugar nor any single food, beverage or ingredient can be held responsible for obesity or weight.

All food and drinks should be consumed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Over time, high-calorie consumption, no matter what food or drinks these calories come from, if combined with a lack of physical activity will lead to weight gain. Remember that all calories count, including those contained in our products, such as Coca‑Cola. Nutritional labelling on Coca‑Cola packaging is a good source for information to manage calories and nutrients in your daily diet.

Is aspartame safe? Can low calorie sweeteners cause health problems?

Yes, aspartame is safe. In 2013, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reassessed all scientific data on aspartame and concluded that aspartame and its breakdown products are safe for human consumption at current levels of exposure.

Low calorie sweeteners are the most thoroughly studied food ingredients, with hundreds of studies proving their safety. They can be safely consumed by all population groups, including women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, children and people with diabetes.

The only exception is people born with the inherited disease phenylketonuria (PKU) who are unable to metabolise the amino acid phenylalanine effectively, and therefore should consult their doctor on how to properly manage their daily intake or avoid aspartame altogether.

Coca‑Cola maintains its commitment to safety and high quality in its products. As a result, all the ingredients used are in line with the regulations in the countries in which the products are sold.

What's in a Coca‑Cola?

Find out more on the What's in a Coca‑Cola website (in Greek)

Do company juices contain preservatives?

None of our juice products contain preservatives, and this is clearly labelled on the packaging. Amita Juices have a long shelf life without preservatives. This is a result of Amita pasteurising its juices during production and also removing air from the packaging. Additionally, to ensure consumer safety, Amita’s packaging process takes place in a disinfected environment.

What is the nutritional value of the company's packaged fruit juices?

One portion (a glass of 200g) of natural juice contains the equivalent of one of the five portions of fruit and vegetables that should be consumed daily. Almost all 100 percent natural fruit juices contain vitamin C and A (apple-orange and carrot juice), whereas 100 percent natural juices for children and teens are enriched with vitamins.

Our fruit juices are a practical, tasty and nutritious choice of vitamin sources, especially vitamin C and A. Furthermore, they provide energy through carbohydrates and hydration, as they consist of water (85-90 percent).

Where can I ask a question about or give feedback on the company's products?

For consumer questions or feedback on our products, our toll-free consumer lines operate Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. These consumer service lines can also be found on each product packaging.

  • Coca‑Cola: 800 11 55 800
  • Amita-Frulite: 800 11 55 801
  • ΑVRA: 800 11 55 802
  • Tsakiris: 800 11 53 000

You may also send us your questions, feedback and comments at: infoline@cchellenic.com