AVRA Natural Mineral Water

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Loyal to the commitment for sustainable development, it has reduced the environmental footprint of its production, facilitating the recycling of Eco-Flex 500ml and 1.5l PET packages with 24% less plastic.

In 2017, another significant investment took place, concerning the addition of a new, innovative production line which contributes to the overall reduction of plastic in the packaging of Coca ‑ Cola Hellenic. The new line allows the use of lightweight PET in all packages of AVRA Natural Mineral Water family.


With a constant presence in major running events, in 2004 the Natural Mineral Water AVRA was the official water of the Olympic Games, while for the last 21 years it has consistently supported the Athens Classic Marathon as the Official Water of the Marathon. Since then, AVRA is present in more than 12 running races throughout Greece.

In Athens Authentic Marathon, AVRA Water took care of all the participants, being their absolute ally in hydration, through the activation of AVRA Wave and giving value to the meaning of support. Specifically, at the 31st km, where each runner meets the so-called "wall" and his/her mental and physical functions are tested to the fullest, the Natural Mineral Water AVRA created the largest wave of encouragement, with the help of friends and relatives. The latest, gave the necessary boost to the runners to "break" the wall and continue their journey, offering them the strength to travel the last 11km to Kalimarmaro.

Superior Taste Award 2020

Superior Taste Award 2019

DLG International Award 2019 in Gold

MONDE SELECTION «Grand Gold Quality Award» 2019

DLG International Award 2018 in Gold

Crystal Taste Award (iTQi Crystal Taste Award 2018)

Global Bottled Water Awards 2016 

Best Sustainability Initiative 2015 (Global Bottled Water Awards 2015)

Responsible Business Awards 2015 (Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2015)

Best Environmental Initiative 2012 (Water Innovation Awards 2012)

The brand's portfolio includes also AVRA ACTIVE CAP & BLOOM NATURAL Mineral Water

AVRA Active Cap Natural Mineral Water 

AVRA Active Cap Natural Mineral Water, was introduced in the Greek market in 2006, addressing our need for natural mineral water of the highest quality, with the pure taste of AVRA and 'on-the-go’ packaging.

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 With its 750ml portion, modern, ergonomic bottle that fits perfectly in the hand and its handy cap for easy carrying and controlled consumption, is the best companion for cyclists.

AVRA Active Cap Natural Mineral Water supports major cycling events throughout Greece, promoting the great benefits of cycling, from wellness through to good mental and physical condition. These events include the seventh bike festival in Athens, a three-day festival for all bike lovers, and the epic Bike Odyssey an eight-day epic mountain bike race across the Pindus Mountains in Greece, which is one of the toughest races in the world. 

The Natural Mineral Water AVRA Active Cap is available in a lighter package with 18% less plastic since 2017. The new bottle helps reduce emissions and makes it easier to recycle as it allows you to minimize its volume with a single movement.


Natural Mineral Water AVRA Active Cap is the ideal solution for every active occasion of the day as it is offered in the appropriate quantity of 750ml.

The Natural Mineral Water AVRA Active Cap appeared on the Greek market in 2006 to satisfy the needs of an intense lifestyle.

The AVRA Active Cap meets the need for natural mineral water of exceptional quality. It is offered in an ergonomic package that fits perfectly in the hand, with a functional lid for easy carrying and controlled consumption.

The Natural Mineral Water AVRA Active Cap is available in a lighter package with 18% less plastic, contributing to the easier recycling of the bottle.