Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

 Costa Coffee, one of the most loved coffee brands worldwide, is now available in the greek market!


In 2020 Costa Coffee, is being introduced in the greek espresso market both in Organized Retail and Ho.Re.Ca., with a comprehensive portfolio and its own uniquely playful character.

With 5 different blends in the espresso category, 7 exciting capsule options and 5 bean blends for Ho.Re.Ca., Costa Coffee offers a complete experience for all occasions.



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Finest quality beans

We take quality control to the next level. Less than 5% of beans in the world are good enough for your cup of Costa Coffee.

Slow roasted to perfection

Our iconic blends are slow roasted with precision and care to ensure the beans keep their hearty flavor and rich aroma.ς. 

Signature smooth taste

By perfecting our methods for nearly half a century, our cups are rich, delicious and free of bitterness.

All our Beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified


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Smooth & Nutty

At Costa, we know great coffee. Proof? Coffee drinkers have been choosing our legendary Signature blend since 1971. A true labour of love, it took us 112 attempts to get right, but boy it was worth it. This unique blend is slow roasted for a smooth and nutty flavour and rich aroma, making it the perfect cup of coffee for any occasion.

Available in:

Beans: 200g, 500g, 1kg 

Ground: 200g

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Bold & Chocolatey

Meet dark version of our signature blend. We’ve dark roasted it for a rich caramel aroma, perfectly paired roasted nuts and rich chocolate that makes the perfect espresso.

Available in:

Beans: 500g, 1kg

Ground: 200g

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Bodied with Honey 100% Arabica

Our indulgent 100% arabica blend combines the finest South American coffees, carefully selected for their unique flavour. A beautifully rich chocolatey aroma is contrasted by zesty citrus notes and just a hint of sweet caramel. The perfect espresso no matter what the occasion.

Available in:

Beans: 200g, 500g, 1kg

Ground: 200g

1256x800_401724934_R_POS_COSTA_200g_PRO_CEE_D_R3 1256x800_401724934_R_POS_COSTA_200g_PRO_CEE_D_R3


Rich & Caramelly 100% Arabica

At Costa, we know great coffee. Our rich Colombian Roast is sourced from the sun-drenched base of the Colombian foothills, capturing the vibrant spirit of the region. Full of flavour, yet balanced with a zingy freshness, each batch has been lovingly tested and tasted by our coffee master Gennaro Pelliccia.

Available in:

Beans:  500g

Ground: 200g

1256x800_401724887_R_POS_COSTA_200g_PRO_CEE_D_R4 1256x800_401724887_R_POS_COSTA_200g_PRO_CEE_D_R4


Melow & Biscuity

Our delicate decaf has been carefully sourced and roasted to give a distinct nod to our legendary Signature Blend. Light bodied with a unique toasty toffee aroma, each batch has been lovingly tested and tasted by our coffee master Gennaro Pelliccia

For the coffee lovers who crave a coffee in every moment of the day, this coffee is easy-going, mild with sweet toasty notes and it is perfect both black or with milk. 

Available in ground: 200g

Looking for Professional barista coffee?

Discover the unique personality and the distinct aromas of our Costa Coffee professional range of products and offer an exceptional experience to your guests.

For more information about Costa professional solutions pls contact us: 8001182801

1256x800_401855227_R_POS_COSTA_Medium_500g_HORECA_FRONT_CEE_D_R1 1256x800_401855227_R_POS_COSTA_Medium_500g_HORECA_FRONT_CEE_D_R1


Smooth, full bodied with caramel and chocolate notes, hints of biscuit and nutty aromas

Our Mocha Italia  is the hallmark taste of Costa, originated in 1971. It took the Costa brothers 112 attempts before they were satisfied the result was just right.   The unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans produces a smooth, balanced flavour that cuts through any espresso-based coffee. Our signature profile is toasty, caramelly and nutty - the perfect choice for unique coffee drinkers. 

1256x800_401854799_R_POS_COSTA_Dark_1kg_HORECA_PRO_CEE_D_R1 1256x800_401854799_R_POS_COSTA_Dark_1kg_HORECA_PRO_CEE_D_R1


Notes of roasted nuts and chocolate with slight smoky aromas and caramel

Our Mocha Italia  is the hallmark taste of Costa, originated in 1971. It took the Costa brothers 112 attempts before they were satisfied the result was just right.  We have expertly crafted this legendary Mocha Italia Dark Roast  blend for an elegant caramelly aroma with a touch of roasted nuts and chocolatey notes on the finish.

1256x800_401855221_R_POS_COSTA_BrightBlend_1kg_HORECA_PRO_CEE_D_R1 1256x800_401855221_R_POS_COSTA_BrightBlend_1kg_HORECA_PRO_CEE_D_R1


Medium bodied, Bright citrus fruit acidity with sweet caramels and milk chocolate notes

Our premium 100% Arabica option is a blend of carefully selected Southern American coffee – providing a beautiful chocolaty aroma, with hints of citrus and caramel to the taste, the perfect espresso no matter what the occasion.

A blend with a higher acidity, flavor complexity, medium body and natural sweetness.

1256x800_401855226_R_POS_COSTA_Decaf_500g_HORECA_PRO_CEE_D_R2 1256x800_401855226_R_POS_COSTA_Decaf_500g_HORECA_PRO_CEE_D_R2


Light caramel sweetness with biscuit-like notes & a nutty aroma

Our decaffeinated blend has been carefully crafted to match the flavour of the legendary Mocha Italia Signature Blend, perfect for those wanting to enjoy the unmistakable taste of Costa Coffee without the caffeine.

A light bodied and delicate coffee blend, that has a unique toasty toffee aroma and sweet flavour.

1256x800_401855222_R_POS_COSTA_Colombian_500g_HORECA_FRONT_CEE_D_R2 1256x800_401855222_R_POS_COSTA_Colombian_500g_HORECA_FRONT_CEE_D_R2


Sweet notes of honey and caramel with a berry and citrus acidity

Our single origin Colombian coffee has been expertly roasted to produce a distinctive caramelly aroma with sweet honey and citrus flavour notes.

A balanced single origin blend with high complexity, acidity & sweetness over a medium body.