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Our "Be Well" platform, launched in late 2016, focuses on three pillars - physical, social and emotional through which we implement a series of various activities each year aimed at the stimulation, well-being and prosperity of our people. Be Well includes indicatively activites of Family Days, Engagement Days, Volunteering activities, Recognition Programs, Sports, Running Events, Wellness Sessions, Celebration of Special Moments and many more.

This way we aim to empower and maintain high energy and positive mood in a constantly progressing work environment. We are proud that such initiatives are perfectly in tune with our people needs who actively participate and co-create our workplace programs and initiatives as part of our everyday culture.



We have introduced a new service for the mental support of our people the new "Employee Assistance Program". This service offers free support & consultation for concerns & challenges whether personal and/or professional and by maintaining confidentiality.  It is a priority to help our colleagues to manage such matters that might impact their wellbeing and work performance.     

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employee benefits

Our services cover all hierarchical levels and vary according to the nature of each role and are competitive with market levels. In addition, we ensure that through partnerships with companies and partners to offer discounts and offers on services and products that can benefit employees and their families.


mindfulness & mental health

We focus on our mental health through various actions, live experiential sessions, but also mindfulness so that we can better take care of ourselves and our loved ones, manage our emotions and stress and invest in activities that strengthen our positive mood and energy.



For us, it is important to feel good. For this reason, we organize exercise programs, exercise and nutrition cycles with personal trainers and nutritionists to ensure a healthy body and mind. These actions are opportunities that bring us even closer!