Developing our People

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Developing our people

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Fast Forward

Fast Forward programs (Fast Forward Self2Others, Fast Forward Other2Managers and Fast Forward Managers2Function) aim to prepare our company talents for the next position in their professional career in the company, usually at the next level of leadership or wider area of ​​responsibility. In total, our company provides 3 Fast Forward programs to ensure that our talents have the supplies they need to accelerate their growth or experience smooth transitions per level (eg from MS to MoO (FFW S2O), from MoO in MoM (FFW O2M) or from MoM to Function Head (FFW M2F)).

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The Top MDs Program aims to further develop the talented "Market Developers" of our company through a series of development actions and experiences. These activities include organized training in skills that have emerged as critical to their development (Communication skills, plans & aligns, Project management, influence others).

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The Sales Academy consists of targeted programs for our sales teams across all market channels - including topics covering Key Account Management Diamond curriculum, GAP The Foundation Negotiator, Revenue Pools, Building brand value with our customers, IFSA, OBPPC tool, QSR tool, Sales Place, Coaching on Ipads.


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The ICSC All Stars Program aims to further develop the talented "supporters" of our company's supply chain through a series of development actions and experiences. These activities include organized trainings to advance the skills that are considered critical to their development (Communication skills), meetings with managers of all departments of the supply chain in order to broaden their horizons and gain an overall picture of the supply chain function.

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Through our People HUB digital platform, we urge our people to take advantage of every opportunity over 1500 digital learning resources that cover a wide range of topics and are top quality materials through Online programs, videos, guides, virtual lessons that cover anything that is important for their continuous development. At the same time the platform has offered access to a large group of in-house mentors and coaches.

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Guided by the continuous development of our people and the strengthening of our teams, we hold quarterly 'Learning & Connection Chats with GM' meetings with the participation of our people from all departments and leadership levels. The participants have the opportunity through an open and creative session, to share their own development history, to exchange valuable knowledge, while at the same time our General Manager shares experiences from his own business trip, inspiring our people for personal and professional development.

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These actions occur during the creation of individual development plans in order to further strengthen the areas for improvement and personal development of our people. It is based on building a relationship of trust that is created between the executive and the coach or mentor with substantial commitment from both parties.