Friendly & Inclusive Environment

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Friendly & Inclusive Environment

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Family Days

At Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon we are one big family and we want to bring close our collegues and their families. Our goal is to offer them benefits, but also to bring people's families closer to our company.

Family Day is a special day from the others, as we welcome the families our employees in our facilities & plants or in outdoors events by the sea. Our goal is to get to know our work environment of their people, our operations, while offering moments of joy and fun to children and parents.

Watch the Video from our Family Days 

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International Women's Day

International Women's Day is the perfect occasion for us all to celebrate together in our offices and production units in Greece the uniqueness of each of us that makes us stand out and evolve together! On this day, as every day of the year, we want to create an environment without stereotypes and discrimination!

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Mother's & Father's Days

Every year we celebrate the special Mother's & Father's Days! We want to feel close and to express our love for what they do every day and to remind them how special they are through actions designed exclusively for them. We either offer surprise gifts from our favorite brands or organizing experiential empowerment cycles, with specialized coaches and mental health specialists.The aim of the seminars is to talk about current issues that concern them around role management in the modern era, work routine and changes, challenges and balance in the simultaneous needs of family and work, providing tools that they can apply from the very next day.

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Fun @ Work

For us, Fun @ Work is meaningful, as it makes the work environment more positive and friendly. We take every opportunity to celebrate with our people important days like #Tsiknopempti, we organize Christmas parties for the children of the employees in all our facilities, we carry out photo challenges with current themes such as Easter creations with distinguished chefs at home , gymnastics etc.


Diversity & Inclusion

Creating an inclusive and empowering work environment where everyone feels part of the team and has equal opportunities is a fundamental element of our sustainable development strategy.

We have been taking important initiatives in this direction for years. Among them is the adoption of a Human Rights Policy based on international standards, the support of the development of people without barriers, the adoption of a common evaluation system for all, non-discriminatory remuneration, and the creation of interdepartmental groups, where everyone participates on the basis of skills and contributions. co-creating initiatives to continuously enhance the work environment.

Also, in 2019, we signed the Charter of Diversity of the European Commission for the promotion of Diversity in Greek companies. applications. Our company's commitment runs through the entire scope of the value chain, while it is also ensured through the Code of Business Ethics that we apply, so that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.