Caffè Vergnano

 Caffè Vergnano,  Italy’s most ancient coffee roasting company since 1882, comes to fully cover the needs of the HORECA sector. 

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Italy’s most ancient coffee roasting company since 1882! The brand identifies itself with true family values such as heritage & tradition, sustainability and transparency, representing the authentic Italian Espresso culture around the world for over 140 years.

With a complete product portfolio in the form of beans and a total of 6 blends in the espresso category, Caffè Vergnano comes to fully cover the needs of the HORECA sector. 


A family business, with strong values, represents the expression of the authentic Italian espresso experience, made of quality, beauty, and passion, for over 4 generations.


Slow and traditional roasting process, origin by origin, to exalt the aroma of each unique bean, thanks to the "split roasting" method, where the varieties are roasted individually - in their optimal conditions - before blending.


We reduce our environmental footprint by eliminating the use of plastic coming from non-renewable sources. Instead, we have launched an innovated rPET container for HORECA, using exclusively recycled PET.


In 2018, the "Women in Coffee" fundraising initiative was founded by Carolina Vergnano with the aim to support this specific social group throughout the coffee production chain.​

Espresso-Vergnano Espresso-Vergnano

1882 Line

A superior, exclusive blend made up of the best varieties of coffee in the world, in a 100% r-PET packaging system.  

original original


Composed by the selection of the best Arabica origins from South America and Central Africa. We roast this blend following the traditional slow roast method, using individual roast profiles for every origin. The medium roast results in a delicate and aromatic blend, with a fragrance of fruit and honey and features a mildly acidic flavour. . The presence of a considerable quantity of the finest selections of Robusta gives the coffee a chocolaty aftertaste and a rich body.


Available in:

Beans : 2,5 kg 



100% Arabica is an aromatic blend with a very delicate flavour, a pleasant acidity and complex fragrances. Our roast profile exalts its floral and fruity character, showcasing the sweetness of Arabica beans harvested and washed in the highlands of Central and South America.


Roasting Level: Medium

Sensory Notes: Flowers and yellow fruit, cocoa & caramel  


Available in:

Beans : 2,5 kg 

Classic Line

A complete range, with a prestigious image. The Classic Line features elegant packaging, easy to identify thanks to different colours and packaging formats.

mille mille

Extra Dolce 1000

Great Arabica varieties are not easy to come by. Vergnano beans are meticulously selected to deliver an explosion of fragrance. With its delicate flavour, smooth and round body, this coffee delivers an outstanding espresso.


Roasting Level: Medium to Light

Sensory Notes: Wildflowers, dried fruit, almond, cocoa & honey


Available in:

Beans: 1 kg 

ottocento ottocento

Crema 800

This softer and more aromatic blend, boasts the sweet notes typical of Central American Arabicas and chocolaty undertones from the finest Asian Robustas. The equilibrium between aroma and body create a perfect combination. Perfect for those who love a delicate, flavorful and light coffee, but still seek a full body.


Roasting Level: Medium to Dark

Sensory Notes: Citrus yellow fruit, hazelnut & caramel


Available in:

Beans: 1 kg 

settecento settecento

Ricco 700

Intense blend with a persistent crema and body. It is comprised of the finest semi-washed Brazilian Arabica origins and Indian Robusta. With its slight bitter taste and persistent crema this is an unmistakable blend.


Roasting Level: Dark

Sensory notes: Resinous woods, cloves, almond & plum


Available in:

Beans: 1 kg

decafeinato decafeinato


Our belief in serving our clients with a top-quality product is also showcased in this Decaf. The resulting cup is astonishingly balanced, with delicate and round aromas.


Roasting Level: Medium 

Sensory Notes: Cocoa & cinnamon


Available in:

Beans: 1 kg

Ground: 250 g